Webinar: how to get more customer insights than ever

Webinar: how to get more customer insights than ever

Join us for a webinar about the most intriguing new features of Sitecore 9 for marketers and the value you’ll get from upgrading. We’ll discuss the investments Sitecore is making in automation, data and machine learning and how these features can rock your marketing world and give you more insight than ever into customer behavior and the ability to act quickly on it.

The world of marketing technology is undergoing a significant evolution as platform vendors strive to capitalize on two capabilities: 1) the capture of omni-channel customer behavior and 2) the application of machine learning capabilities to this data, to uncover deeper insights and to automate personalization and segmentation. It’s an exciting step closer to the self-optimizing digital journey!

In 45 minutes we will walk you through:

  • The importance of establishing a measurement framework and how Sitecore can help
  • A fictional customer journey and understanding of the behavioural data that can be collected from multiple channels via xConnect, both online and offline
  • How Sitecore’s new automation engine can boost lead nurturing and relationship building
  • How Sitecore Analytics can help you understand historical behaviour, performance of optimization tactics and where to focus future optimization efforts
  • And finally, how Sitecore Cortex will usher you into a new world of machine learning, prediction and automation to truly take your marketing efforts to the next level – and the skills you’ll need to get there

Amanda Shiga, VP Marketing Science, Valtech
Blair Roebuck, Marketing Analyst, Valtech
Robert Oh, Digital Strategist, Valtech

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