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Social listening method: find out what your stakeholders really need

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Let’s say you have a healthcare product, but your stakeholders aren’t aware of your existence. What do you do? Start by listening to their needs. Be where they are. And get their goodwill. 

This is what Ferring Pharmaceuticals needed. Their product, a children’s incontinence drug, did not reach patients and doctors. Their existing digital tools simply didn’t do the trick on their key focus markets.

Talk, listen and learn

A first step towards a solution was to start listening. Valtech executed an extensive digital research, aiming to capture what people say about bedwetting children. These conversations on social media helped get a deeper understanding of parents and their kids and how they behave online.

One thing that all markets had in common was the low awareness on the treatment options for children with bedwetting problems. Potential undiagnosed patients and their physicians were reluctant to prescribe medication, and diagnosed patients showed poor adherence rates.

These insights played a crucial part in shaping the Bedwetting Resource Center. This center aims at informing parents, children and physicians, enabling Ferring to jump aboard the help seeking behaviour of the key target groups. By this, disease awareness increases and the number of new diagnoses rises. On top of that, the acquired insights can be applied to new digital Bedwetting initiatives and for optimising existing tools

The solution: a learning platform

After researching, Valtech came with recommendations for how to reach the target groups the right way and proposed a digital platform. The focus:

  • Provide a neutral, non-branded and ongoing parent/child learning experience
  • Offer self-diagnosis tools for increasing sense of urgency among parents 
  • Use credible information from key opinion leaders for helping acknowledge bedwetting as an actual disease 
  • Convey the benefits of medical treatment as opposed to commonly used non-medical treatment
  • Highlight the expected treatment duration and provide tools to log progress
  • Provide a patient checklist to improve consultation outcome

Best in class

Valtech’s digital research made it to Ferring’s monthly newsletter and was shared across the organization as a best-in-class example of how digital research insights can be used to support business objectives. The value for this specific concept showed across a multitude of areas:

  • Patients: Strengthening patient push towards physicians
  • Brand: Positioning Ferring as more ethical compared to competitors in the eyes of the public and especially payers, due to the non-branded approach and collaboration with key opinion leaders. 
  • Research: Boosting scientific good-will within thought leader community and lowering the cost of access to large patient data set.

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