Redesign of the corporate website and annual report


Nutreco is a global leader in the sustainable production and sale of animal nutrition and fish feed. With over 11,000 employees, the company is committed to delivering sustainable food solutions. We were therefore excited when Nutreco asked us to think along with it, as its online partner, about the design, strategy and development of its corporate and country websites.

2013 until now

The partnership began in 2013 when Valtech (then eFocus) launched Nutreco's corporate website. In June 2016, we worked closely with Nutreco on a redesign of the site that makes clear the company’s sustainability goals and long-term strategy. At the same time, we developed the Nutreco annual review, the online annual report for 2015.

Reusable modules

The Nutreco platform includes the corporate website and more than 35 project sites and four apps. All have been built on the EPiServer platform, and Valtech was responsible for them all. To help us move faster and keep costs low, we made sure that modules developed for one site could also be used on all other sites. And together with Nutreco, we turned new findings into new functionalities and made immediate changes to the road map.

Positive results

When the corporate website and annual review went live, the results and reactions were positive. For the annual review, we worked with No Such Company, which designed the animations.