DSM Dyneema

Integrated B2B Customer Engagement

DSM Dyneema

Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fibre and is ideal for all kinds of uses, from protecting motor cyclists to tying up 300,000 ton ships. The new Dyneema.com website tells the story of this amazing fibre and its impact on a multitude of markets.

Customer engagement strategy

DSM Dyneema, part of health, nutrition and materials giant DSM, asked Valtech to create a pull-effect for its Dyneema® brand internationally. Our answer was a customer integration strategy that adds value to the B2B and B2C value chain. Through this, Valtech is supporting DSM Dyneema’s ambition to further strengthen the brand recognition, added value and preference position of Dyneema®.

The integrated customer engagement approach has been tremendously successful to grow our business. We increased our engagement throughout our value chain (from decision makers to end users) and we generated more and more leads with significant business impact.”
- Sander Bartmann, Global brand & communication manager bij DSM Dyneema

One powerful platform

Today, the Dyneema® website is the central point for all the business’s integrated online and offline marketing activities. The most important step in making this possible was to pare back the dozens of individual websites covering three continents, eight segments and 13 product categories, to one powerful platform.

Marketing tactics

With the new platform in place, marketing activities could begin. As a partner, Valtech is responsible for all DSM Dyneema owned, paid and earned media, and the marketing activities we undertake vary widely, ranging from storytelling to personalised content and pinpoint targeting via multiple digital channels. All these tactics contribute to the continued activation of the new platform.

Full-service approach

The Dyneema® project is the perfect example of a full-service approach covering everything from strategy to concept and from development to activation. The original emphasis lay on storytelling, but a digital marketing mindset was also ever-present throughout. Findability, conversion and measurability were, and continue to be, top of mind. This approach began paying off from day one with an increase in interaction while organic traffic remained stable.

Since the new site went live, contact requests have risen by 50% and the quality of the leads generated has risen by 450%. Another result we are proud of is the fact that DSM Dyneema has won new clients in the sports and lifestyle, aerospace and electronics industries. 


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