A dynamic model page


The ŠKODA Yeti is a car that’s made for adventure – and that’s clear from the moment you open the page about it on the ŠKODA.nl website. For Pon Automotive ŠKODA, Valtech devised the concept and took care of its implementation.

More experience and conversion

ŠKODA offers a wide range of models, each one targeting a specific group. Which means that in every case you have to have just the right message to reach them. For the Yeti, ŠKODA asked Valtech to come up with a concept that would highlight everything that makes it unique, add a big shot of experience and increase conversion, and to do this really well. All as quickly as possible.

Super-fast delivery and optimalisation

Mission accomplished. Valtech delivered the concept, design, UX, copy, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and animation.

Because of the tight deadline, we used an approach called ‘designing in the browser’ – designing using HTML and CSS rather than Photoshop. The combination of committed client and small team kept the reporting lines short and meant page optimisations could be made quickly. Together with ŠKODA’s own online analysts, we were able to do carry out A/B tests as soon as the new page went live. And we are continuing to optimise it based on what we learn.

A dynamic model page

The new ŠKODA Yeti page is a storytelling and experience-oriented environment. It demonstrates all the aspects of the car and the possibilities it offers. The page is dynamic and clear, and allows the user to compare both different versions of the Yeti with each other and even with competitors as well. The page guides the user to configure a new Yeti, plan a test drive or order a brochure.

A success from start to finish

The successful collaboration between Valtech and ŠKODA has delivered a story-driven and interactive model page that is proving highly successful. Visitors to the page are spending more time on it and the conversion ratio is significantly higher than before. With the new model page, the online Yeti experience comes closer than ever to the exciting, real-world reality.