A complete redesign


IN 2014, the KNLTB, the Dutch lawn tennis association, lobbed an interesting ball into the Valtech court. The organisation’s website,, needed a total refresh. Since that time, Valtech (back then still called eFocus) has created three different sites for the KNLTB. And that’s just the start of this sporting collaboration. 

Complete redesign

The first project was a complete makeover of The website was completely redesigned and all content restructured. Next came (an online knowledge platform for tennis clubs), and (the KNLTB tennis programme for children up to 12 years old). All three sites use the same EPIserver platform. 

From static to interactive

In 2015, Valtech ran a ‘summer sprint’ with the KNLTB. During this, was converted from a static site to an interactive one. Among the features added were a search function that makes it easier for visitors to find their nearest and most appealing member associations from the 1,700 in total. Visitors can now also find specific league competitions. In addition, the KNLTB wanted to move to a completely new style of competition play, but first wanted to know what its members thought. So we quickly built a tool to help them find out. The result was an online referendum – and a perfect example of agile working. 

Tennis Credits

In 2016, during another summer sprint, we developed the online order flow for Tennis Credits, a new KNLTB product. We ran a pilot with iDEAL payment integration that lets people purchase a pass – the Tennis Credits – that entitles you to play tennis five or 10 times. Through this, the KNLTB aims to attract both old and new members, and we expect Tennis Credits to continue in the future. A positive outlook!